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On September, 15 our company extended for another annual period our ALL-RISKS insurance policy that covers our CIT, transport and storage services for cash and other valuables.
We are the only company in Ukraine that has insured ALL risks while providing the mentioned services, including the risks of attacks, burglary, fraud and even mystical disappearance. It means that no other CIT company or bank in Ukraine has similar insurance cover and guarantee of insurance payout. 99.99% of all our risks are re-insured at Lloyd’s syndicate, London – the biggest insurance syndicate in the world, what guarantees that our customers will get compensation in case of loss or damage of their moved or stored valuables. That is why our company has been highly commended by the customers and partners. About 80% of the banks have been using already our services, as well as other legal entities and individuals who understand and appreciate the level of our security in existing market situation.

I.e., our customers can expand their business without worrying while we take responsibility for security of the valuables trusted to us, including the best in Ukrainian market insurance cover.