Inter-City CIT Moves

Inter-city CIT transit is the service with security of the carried valuables being one of the most important factors of successful transportation. Be it precious metals, or important documents, or cash – any valuable cargo should be escorted by professionals.

Междугородняя инкассация и перевозки

CIT SECURITY specialized company deals with CIT services not only for Kyiv customers but for companies and retailors in other cities, as well. Our experienced employees are ready to pick up and to carry cash to any destination.

We have got much experience in providing CIT services for state and private companies. Our qualified staff is well-trained for all kinds of operations where you need fast, quality and secure service. All our collectors receive special training course at the National bank of Ukraine.


How does it work?

CIT SECURITY provides specialized CIT services for inter-city moves of cash and other valuables under specific control on board specially equipped armoured trucks having minimum 3th class of protection.

It’s necessary to strictly keep to security regulations to provide high-level inter-city CIT services. Main objectives are the safe delivery of the cargo and security of escorting crew.

Transport of cash and other valuables is provided in several steps. First, we pick up the customer’s valuables using special safe-cases. Then this safe-case is escorted by several collectors on board the armoured truck equipped with modern means of protection. Finally, we deliver cash or valuables to the point of destination – some bank, or company cash desk, or vault.


СIT Rules

CIT services and transportation of valuables must be strongly protected. To minimize the risk we insure all the moved valuables.

The main CIT and valuables transport processes are:
— preparation and departure of the crew on route;
— arrival and leave to/from the destination;
— actions of the crew after the route is closed.

Inter-City Moves of Valuable Cargo

Complicated and dangerous situation on Ukrainian roads makes private companies and state institutions to use CIT and guarding services. Use of trained staff ensures protection of the valuables and documents from attacks and in case of emergency situations.

Before transportation of the cargo our people specify the valuables and the best way to protect them with taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Value of the transported goods,
  • Specific transport and storage conditions,
  • Situation on the route,
  • Possible threats.

Having ordered an inter-city cargo transport in CIT SECURITY you will get:

  • A crew of experienced collectors;
  • Service of professional armed guards;
  • An armoured truck for moving valuables equipped in accordance with security regulations;
  • Analysis and planning the route;
  • Secure delivery of the valuable cargo.

Our vehicles for secure inter-city moves are equipped with satellite GPS system which allows to provide a real-time tracking of the vehicle and monitoring of the fuel.

CIT SECURITY provides inter-city CIT services throughout the whole territory of Ukraine.


For cash transit


The company “CIT SECURITY” is the target of a private company in Ukraine, the company has returned the license to the National Bank of Ukraine from the ambassador to the country.

License of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
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License of the National Bank of Ukraine
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