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Our company goes on introducing and developing new services. Today we are ready to offer to our customers a complete service set of arranging and providing international Door-to-Door moves of currency, precious metals, jewelry, credit cards, travel cheques and other valuables throughout the world.

This set includes:

pick up, transport and delivery of the goods with armoured trucks both in sending and destination countries;

booking shipments for international sections of the route, including cutting MAWBs, airfreight and ground handling;

customs broker services, including assistance in paperwork necessary for customs clearance;

forwarding services at international airports;

storage, processing and distribution of valuables, including accommodation and storage in international free ports of Switzerland, UAE and other countries with possibility of further inspection, distribution and redistribution, repacking and rerouting of the goods;

providing gemological and necessary tests for the goods imported in Ukraine;

assay stamping of imported jewelry in Ukraine;

arranging transport and clearance of the goods sent to international shows and auctions of jewelry, antiques and other unique pieces of art, luxury, accessories, etc. taking place in Ukraine and abroad, including guarding of expositions and night storage;

consultations on arranging international moves of valuables;

other related services.

Our international transport services have been already tested and are provided in partnership with the leading international operators in logistics of valuables – Loomis International, Malca-Amit, Ferrari Group and other. This professional partnership together with reinsurance of all the risks all along the routes of international shipping in the largest insurance syndicate Lloyd’s guarantee high quality and safety of our services both to our Ukrainian and foreign customers.