Safety of values
the key to the success of your business

Independent Collection Service "CIT SECURITY"
Call collection
The best insurance in the market for the provision of CIT services
The only CIT-company with reinsurance 99.99% of ALL risks.
Reinsurance in the largest world insurance syndicate Lloyds.
Such reinsurance is a 100% guarantee that the company's clients will receive full compensation for possible damage.
International transportation of valuables
The only CIT-company working on the system Door-Door.
Having addressed to our company on a "one-stop shop" principle, the client will receive a full range of services, including receipt and transportation of cargo in Ukraine, customs clearance and airport procedures in the country of departure and destination country, transportation and delivery of cargo in the country of destination.
Unique services
The only CIT-company that can offer:
• Express delivery of valuable goods in Ukraine.
• Air transportation of valuable clients' property in the equivalent of the cost up to 250 thousand US dollars.
• Anonymous storage of valuable property of clients, with full responsibility for the safety of property

CIT-Company №1 in Ukraine

The first independent collection service in Ukraine

Independent Cash Collection Service

The company “SIT SECURITY” is the first private company in Ukraine that received a license from the National Bank of Ukraine to provide collection services. Clients of the company are banks, financial companies, trading companies, filling stations, pharmacies, pawnshops, exchange offices, individuals and others. First of all, these are clients who are interested in the effective use of their time and the reduction of non-core administrative expenses.

To work in the company, employees are selected, from the collector to the director, who have worked in the field of providing cash collection services for more than 10 years.

Encashment of banks
Exemption of banks from non-core functions and gives an opportunity to concentrate completely on the main activity
Encashment of enterprises
We offer you safe transportation of your money from sales outlets to the destination (bank, own storage).
Encashment of individuals
We offer you a safe transportation of your money and valuables to your destination.
Transportation and storage of valuables
The preservation of life and property is one of the most important issues for business owners and private individuals.

Why trust collection
“СIT Security”

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Do not worry about sanitation and bankruptcy
Сохранность ваших ценностей не зависит от финансовой стабильности третьих лиц
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The interests of our clients are above all
Вся инфраструктура предприятия используются только в интересах наших клиентов
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Professional work with values
Узкая специализация на услугах инкассации и хранении ценностей



For encashment of values

Наша команда

Shaikhet Igor OlegovichKalashnik Alexander Anatolievich
Shaikhet Igor Olegovich sets ambitious plans for "CIT SECURITY" company to enter the TOP-5 collection services in Ukraine, to provide a full range of outsourcing services for banks. Three Higher Education - Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University, accounting and audit, law, psychology. Work experience - the central office of PJSC "Ukrnafta", the apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada - the anti-corruption committee
Shaikhet Igor Olegovich
Founder of the company
Kalashnik Alexander Anatolievich is professional in the field of collection and security with vast experience in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He takes an active part in the development of normative documents regulating the collection activity in the market of Ukraine. He is the author of the development of protection and design of special vehicles of cash collection, which the entire Ukrainian market enjoys today. Two higher education (military-technical, economic).
Kalashnik Alexander Anatolievich
Director of the company, co-founder
International Insurance
Insurance of the risks of transported cash in Lloyds: attack; fraud; secret disappearance; (the only one on the Ukrainian market);
Individual safe boxes
Use of safe packages with an individual seal number and a security tape;
Cars PSZA-3
Specially equipped armored vehicles PSZA-3 with built-in systems for protecting valuables and people;
We are first
The company "SIT SECURITY" was the first in Ukraine to obtain a license from the National Bank of Ukraine to provide collection services for banks.

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Phone: +38 (044) 500-48-12 or +38 (044) 596-48-12
Location: vul. Sim”yi Sosninykh, 11 Kyiv, Ukraine 03134

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