Outsourcing services of specialized CIT-companies are not only European but also the international practice of the present. It facilitates the release of banks from non-core functions and enables them to fully concentrate on the core business of the enterprise, minimize their own risks and optimize administrative expenses.

The list of services we offer you:

  • collection of bank customers;
  • Encashment / reinforcement of bank branches;
  • Interbank transportation;
  • Interregional transportations;
  • ATM cash collection;
  • cash in ATM cassettes;
  • international transportation of currency values;
  • protection of banking institutions;


  • to redeem the operational vehicle of the bank at the final book value;
  • to employ the employees of the cash collection unit, which will be reduced;
  • to provide for the whole working day a team of collectors for operational vehicles for the organization of an individual route, or to provide collection services in accordance with the general scheme of work;
  • to assume the fulfillment of all the requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine for maintaining documentation and ensuring work on collection and transportation of currency values;
  • organize maintenance, refueling, and repair of operational vehicles, replacing it in the event of a breakdown or accident, evacuation of funds from the scene of an accident;
  • provide cash desks with a special collection container (safe-packages), which has a high level of protection and allows you to conveniently pack your valuables;
    free to install software for fast, and most importantly, error-free preparation of accompanying documents for bags with cash;
  • to develop the most comfortable schedule for the bank and customers and strictly adhere to it;
  • offer a flexible pricing policy and discuss any mutually beneficial proposals, make compromises and develop together with you.

Conclusion with our company agreement on the provision of collection services will give you the opportunity to optimize your administrative costs for the maintenance of personnel, specialized vehicles, security, etc.


For cash transit


The company “CIT SECURITY” is the target of a private company in Ukraine, the company has returned the license to the National Bank of Ukraine from the ambassador to the country.

License of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
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License of the National Bank of Ukraine
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