CIT Services for Individuals

Not only businessmen but individuals, as well, need escorting of their valuables.

E.g., it happens when somebody has sold either his apartment, or a car, or a land lot, or has performed another important deal at a notary office and needs to carry the cash from one place to another. Then – in order to secure his money, his relatives and himself – he orders an armoured vehicle with armed guards for escort.

Protection, control and security are necessary to safely keep the documents and cash belonging to individuals while moving them to a bank or any other place.

Our CIT services for individuals include:

  • Cash transport to a bank branch or due to any required route.

We guarantee keeping confidential the info regarding carried goods without demanding to explain the origin of cash;

  • Getting cash in a bank cash office with further delivery to the customer;
  • On-the-way escort of big cash amounts and valuables;
  • Armed guards for transport of valuables;
  • Counting and safe keeping of cash in the company vault. All the risks of transport and storage are insured with re-insurance at Lloyd’s insurance syndicate;
  • Escort of a customer carrying valuables;
  • Escort of a customer’s vehicle;
  • Transport of valuables throughout Ukraine.

Protection and escort of individuals could be also necessary in some mundane situations, mostly such as:

  • Getting big cash credit;
  • Big purchase (real estate, a car) when one needs to carry cash to a seller or a bank branch;
  • Move of valuables – jewelry, precious metals, gems, antics, etc.

CIT services provided by experienced professionals and guards will secure you and your relatives and protect your valuables from stealing. You better trust secure transport of your valuables to our company and spend the saved time with your family.

Before providing CIT services we sign a contract with the customer in which we specify rights and obligations of the parties. Besides, we prepare and agree the time, place and conditions for the service and finalize the deal with an individual within one hour. The procedure of signing the contract is very friendly and the customer does not need to come to our office again and again but can communicate on our phone, web site or Facebook.

We can provide both one-time and regular CIT services for individuals. The rate is calculated for each and every case with taking into consideration distance, time, amount, frequency of services, etc.

To get detailed information, please contact our manager on the following phone numbers:

+380 44 500 4812 +380 44 596 4812 +380 67 249 3220


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The company “CIT SECURITY” is the target of a private company in Ukraine, the company has returned the license to the National Bank of Ukraine from the ambassador to the country.

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License of the National Bank of Ukraine
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