Specialized enterprise “CIT SECURITY” offers services on the collection of funds for trade and service enterprises. We offer you safe transportation of your money from sales outlets to the destination (bank, company cash desk, own storage). Encashment is carried out by armored vehicles with modern technical means of protection and/or armed escort.

We will create for you the most favorable conditions for collection.

The list of services for you:

  • Encashment of trade enterprises of all forms of ownership;
  • Individual collection route for large retail chains;
  • Encashment of supermarkets;
  • Encashment of shopping centers;
  • Delivery of small change coins and small denominations;
  • Encashment of self-service terminals;
  • Rent of cash collection cars;
  • Protection of zinc in its own storage;

Online collection using robot-collectors for Shopping Centers.

In organizing our work we use the best advanced European experience and always strive to implement it in order to provide our customers with quality, innovative and progressive services in the field of collection. Therefore, we are always ready to cooperate with all those who provide a high professional level of their services, are able to achieve results and solve practical problems of their clients.


For cash transit


The company “CIT SECURITY” is the target of a private company in Ukraine, the company has returned the license to the National Bank of Ukraine from the ambassador to the country.

License of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
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License of the National Bank of Ukraine
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